Plot and Map

When the One Sith came there was nothing to stop them. The Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire stood together against the war machine of the Sith, but could not stand against them. The counquering might of the One Sith called for desperate actions to be taken, and so began a project to create a weapon against the Sith Lords and their emperor. While troops were sent to distract the One Sith, the project was finally finished and used. The One Sith was utterly destroyed, along with the last of the Jedi and Imperial Knights.

Now it is 800 ABY, and the galaxy as all but forgotten about the Jedi and Sith. The Force has become the thing of myths and legends. But there are still a few who can feel the gentle currents and dark whispers of the Force, unknown to what guides them in their journies. The Mandalorian Clans are without their Mandalore, and have resorted to petty criminals once more. Anarchy grips the galaxy while the criminals become stronger than they ever have. The Alliance in Exile and Empire in Exile have no strength to protect the galaxy from the kingpins.

But maybe someone will remember the Jedi, and protect the innoncent, or the Sith will return to bring their iron rule back. Who will stand up to bring order back to the galaxy?



Asim Bast: Well the entire point so far is to have characters work towards establishing the Sith, Jedi, other FU organizations instead of just joining them off the bat. There's even an event coming up where such things will be put into motion. Oct 11, 2018 1:18:33 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: ^ What he said. The Templates are a WIP just like the Tech and Lore area. Its there to view so that you can whats coming. No point in hiding it. Oct 11, 2018 1:20:48 GMT -5
Nylita Kuat: Oh, no sub profiles here. Sad :( Oct 11, 2018 17:01:20 GMT -5
Nylita Kuat: Can you be a Kuat here? Oct 11, 2018 17:02:30 GMT -5
Kezeroth: Be whatever you want Oct 11, 2018 18:18:50 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: You can have sub profiles Oct 11, 2018 21:33:32 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: See the boxes on the bottom right hand? Oct 11, 2018 21:33:41 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: The very first one lets you create new characters and profiles Oct 11, 2018 21:33:58 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: Everyone prepare the Event starts tomorrow Oct 12, 2018 22:36:27 GMT -5
Asim Bast: There is now a section for you all to introduce yourselves feel free to do so! Oct 18, 2018 17:30:06 GMT -5
Asim Bast: We now have an updated plot, feel free to check it out! Oct 19, 2018 9:36:02 GMT -5
Ashen Crucifere: Apologies for such long delays...I am back. Oct 26, 2018 1:23:03 GMT -5
Elim Alerion: me sad :( Nov 11, 2018 14:19:04 GMT -5
Kezeroth: RIP Jan 10, 2019 17:53:16 GMT -5
Elim Alerion: Yeah :( Jan 13, 2019 16:04:05 GMT -5
Elim Alerion: I liked this site... Jan 13, 2019 16:04:24 GMT -5
Elim Alerion: still sad Jan 30, 2019 12:15:24 GMT -5
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